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Bystander CPR

The most important link in the chain of survival; doubling survival rates in Illinois will come from teaching hundreds of thousands of residents how to recognize and react when they witness someone having a sudden cardiac arrest.

In the moments after a person suffers a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), bystanders like you play the most critical role in determining the survival of the victims – more than paramedics, more than doctors and nurses. Why? Because unlike a heart attack, the victim’s heart has stopped beating and no blood is circulating to the vital organs, especially the brain. Studies show that for every minute of delay before starting CPR, survival decreases 10%, so as the minutes tick by, the chances of a victim dying or suffering permanent brain damage increase.

Waiting for an ambulance is not an option.

10% ten percent

The rate in which the chance of survival decreases every minute of delay before starting CPR.

2-3x double-triple

The increased odds of survival with bystander CPR.

5:00 five minutes

The amount it takes to learn and understand CPR so that you will know what to do in a situation.

How Can You Learn CPR?

You don’t have to take classes or courses; learn CPR in the comfort of your own home! We are here to provide you with the necessary resources for you to learn CPR to help increase Illinois survival rates. Take a look below to view our videos and brochures.

CPR Videos

CPR Brochures

Hop on the Chest

by Illinois Heart Rescue

30-Second Public Service Announcement

by Heart & Stroke Foundation

Artie The Angry Heart

by Illinois Heart Rescue

What To Do: Fact Sheet from the Red Cross

A concise, easy-to-follow set of instructions of what to do when you think someone having a sudden cardiac arrest.

2017 Hands-Only CPR Fact Sheet

A quick guide why hands-only CPR is so important to learn

Help Increase Illinois Survival Rates.