Students are the ideal “health ambassadors” as they are quick to learn and readily embrace the role of “teacher” as they pay forward their new life-saving by teaching friends and family.  Lauren’s Law was enacted in July of 2014 that requires all Illinois high schools to provide CPR and AED education to all students prior to graduation.  ILHR, in an effort to relieve the financial and educational burden for the high schools, created CPR training toolkits as well as provided CPR training materials for all schools through the Regional Offices of Education in the Illinois State Board of Education. Please see the attached support materials as well as Artie the Angry Heart video that is available in English, Spanish, Polish, Mandarin, Cantonese and Hindi.


CPR – How to Save a Life Game

Play this simple and fun for clues on how to save a life!

No Fear: CPR Training Kit for High School Students

Save a Life Commitment

This is your declaration that you will learn the steps necessary to save someone's life, and will take action when you witness someone who needs help.

AHA Hands-Only CPR Fact Sheet

Red Cross Hands Only CPR

Instructions for High School CPR Toolkits

Illinois Heart Rescue Pre and Post Test

Illinois Heart Rescue: Project Summary

Key Messaging to Bystanders CPR

ILHR Community AED Grant

The ILHR Community AED Grant was developed to provide financial assistance in the form of an automated external defibrillator (AED) for organizations including but not limited to, community-based organizations (CBOs), faith-based organizations, or schools within the State of Illinois.

Help Increase Illinois Survival Rates.