Pre-hospital providers including EMTs, EMTPs, dispatchers and police play a vital role in the chain of survival. In most cases, the early minutes of resuscitation determine IF the victim will survive as well as their neurologic status. As much as we learn and drill on ALS skills it is truly BLS that SAVES LIVES! Coordinated and well executed High-Performance CPR is arguably the most important priority in resuscitation. ILHR invites all pre-hospital providers to attend a FREE Resuscitation Academy to hone your knowledge and resuscitation skills. Finally, you cannot improve on what you cannot measure. ILHR invites all pre-hospital agencies to join the Cardiac Arrest Registry to Enhance Survival (CARES).

The Three Easy Steps to do Bystander CPR

Learn how to perform quality CPR by following these guidelines.

Resuscitation Academy

Illinois Heart Rescue conducts Resuscitation Academies around the state. Learn more about these intense 1-day workshops that provide training on the latest evidence-based practices that are known to improve survival rates.


Q: What is CARES? A: Cardiac Arrest Registry to Enhance Survival. Learn more about the CARES registry and why your institution should submit data to it.

CARES Elements

This is a sample form that codes the data needed to enter into the CARES registry.

CARES Application

This is a sample application to CARES.

CARES User Guide

The compete how-to manual for CARES.


The ILHR EMS Placement AED Grant was developed to provide financial assistance in the form of a FREE automated external defibrillator (AED) to EMS agencies.

Help Increase Illinois Survival Rates.