In the moments after a person suffers a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA),  bystanders like you play the most critical role in determining the survival of the victims – more than paramedics, more than doctors and nurses. Why? Because unlike a heart attack, the victim’s heart has stopped beating and no blood is circulating to the vital organs, especially the brain.   Studies show that for every minute of delay before starting CPR, survival decreases 10%, so as the minutes tick by, the chances of a victim dying or suffering permanent brain damage increase.  Waiting for an ambulance is not an option.

It has also been shown that used in combination with CPR, an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) improves odds of survival by 30%.

So, now you understand why everyone needs to learn how to CPR. Its easy – there are only three steps and in most cases, mouth-to-mouth rescue breathing is no longer necessary. You can learn the basics in as little as fifteen minutes.  

Get Trained Now!

Basic training consists of recognizing the signs of SCA and taking three easy steps to resuscitate a victim.   Go now to our Save-a-Life simulator or watch our public service announcements.

Go to the Save-A-Life Simulator

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Organize a training at your school, church, place of employment or with a group of friends.

Illinois Heart Rescue has scores of volunteers scattered across the region who will come to your event to train your group.  Contact us here to schedule an event at your organization.